Finite le fasi di qualificazione de HWBOT Team Cup 2014
23 Settembre 2014
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1 Ottobre 2014

HWBOT Team Cup 2014: HwOverdrive OC Team in 9th place


s every year, overclocking network, organised the HWBOT Team Cup edition 2014. The Cup began the 1st of June and will finish the 30th September, but only for the 5 best teams that managed to maintain the top five position until today, 23rd September, day in which the qualifing part finished. The cup was divided into four macro categories: CPU, GPU, MEM and MISC. The HWBOT Team Cup is famous for the use of rare and difficult to find hardware, which makes the cup the most difficult of the year. CPU means processors, so the first category involved the use of different CPUs for different tests. GPU means graphics card, so you had to use certain types of graphics card in order to compete with the others. MEM means memory, so you had to overclock and test different types of memory modules, from DDR to DDR3. MISC is miscellaneous so you had different categories, like smartphone and tablets test with HWBOT Prime, the multiplatform benchmark.


As always, our internal team, the HwOverdrive OC Team Italy managed to partecipate to the cup, turning out at the 9th position out of 89 teams from all the world. The team managed to be the first italian team to be in the top ten, with a grand total of 594 points, obtaind summing all the differents point achieved in all the tests.





We congratulate with all member teams that helped each other but mention note goes to the captains, that managed to keep the team running for all the cup time.



Giacomo Rossi
Giacomo Rossi
Ciao, sono Giacomo Rossi e sono uno studente. La passione è nata a soli 3 anni, quando mio padre comprò il primo PC. Allora internet era off-limits per me e mi limitavo alle semplici cose. Pian piano crescendo, è aumentata la voglia di imparare ed ora sono qui ad amministrare questo sito!

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