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Gelid IPX 8 PWM review – fan for extreme conditions

Gelid Solutions is a company which has its head office in Hong Kong but it’s managed from Switzerland, it is well known for the very good thermal paste GC Extreme (that our Overclocker use with great satisfaction), but that also has in its catalog many other interesting products. Recently a new productline has been added to Gelid’s catalog: Industrial Fan Series fans that is currently composed of three models:

  • IPX 4 PWM (40x40x28 mm), 900-4200 rpm, 5.8 CFM, 2.0 mmAq e 19.2 dBA max
  • IPX 6 PWM (60x60x25 mm), 1200-4000 rpm, 21.2 CFM , 4.3 mmAq e 28 dBA max
  • IPX 8 PWM (80x80x25 mm), 900-2000 rpm, 27 CFM , 1.65 mmAq e 21.5 dBA max

A feature that all the three fans have in common, and that is absolutely out of order, is the protection grade from dust and water that is certified by Internation Protection IP56. There aren’t any other fans on the market that have a so high certification. Some fans have IP52 protection, definetely lower speaking about liquid protection.

The 5 years warranty, how much Gelid invested in designing these new fans.

40mm and 60 mm models can be widely used in rack or industrial systems, where the need of working 24 hous out of 24 and sometimes in hard environments meets perfectly these fans’ features.

We had the pleasure to test for a long time IPX 8 PWM model, probably the most appropriate for case ventilation or other components cooling.

The fan comes out in a carton box with a windowed side. On the back the fan’s main features are written, inside the box, apart from the fan, there’s a tiny bag with four fixing screws.  The power cable is covered by a black braided sleeving  and the power connector is  4 pin type.


2016-10-17-16-16-54 2016-10-17-16-15-32 2016-10-17-16-16-14

The fan has Dual Bal Bearing engine and thanking to the showels’ shape built for an all around usage, there’s a very good ratio between air flow and static pressure.


Pressure/air flow graph at 23°C


The declared rotation range goes from 900 rpm to 2000 rpm, but during our test we’ve been nicely surprised by the great scalability to the bottom. It is possible to make the fan work around 300 rpm, both working with power supply or PWM, withouth any startup problems or tickings that could show engine’s problems.


Speed controlled using power supply


Speed controlled using PWM













The prices suggested by the producer are 8,70  € for the 40 mm model, 9,65 € both for 60 and 80 mm models, so in agreement with the competitors, that doesn’t has IP56 certification and 5  years warranty.



The review comes to an end with a couple of photos in which we tested IPX 8 PWM to cool down VGA’s VRM during a liquid nitrogen bench session, in which they worked among nitrogen steam at a temperature of -196 degress without problems.


Attila Tortorella
Attila Tortorella
Ciao, sono Attila Tortorella e sono uno studente. Traffico con i PC fin da bambino, cosa che mi ha fatto nascere la passione per l'hardware in genere. Alla passione è difficile resistere, per cui sono entrato prima nel team di overclock ed ora faccio parte dello staff di HwOverdrive.

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