XtremeOverdrive OC Team
1° posto per il team di overclock nel 1° round della Old School Cup
15 Gennaio 2017
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19 Gennaio 2017

1st place for our overclocking team in 1st round of Old School Cup

XtremeOverdrive OC Team

On Sunday first round of Old School is Best School Cup ended and the XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy won the round leading by 9 points. The Old School is Best School involves the overclocking of vintage hardware.

This time (third consecutive year in which Old School is Best School Cup takes place) the competition has been divided in five rounds, lasting one month each. The first of them ended on Sunday and started on 15th of december 2016, while the second started on Sunday and will end on 15th of february.

The platform to use changes round by round and, each round is divided in three different stages.

The platform that has been chosen for the first round was socket 771 (with 771 to 775 mod allowed) as CPU and Nvidia Quadro based on chip G96 (or older) as GPU.

The benchmarks to do for the three stages were: Maxxmem for stage 1, 3DMark06 for stage 2 e 3DMark Vantage Performance for  stage 3. Down below you can see the top ten rankinif the first round.


Honorable mentions

Stage 1 – Maxmem

1° – 13866 Overclock.net (Noxinite) one and only who managed to use 1:2 divisor using Xeon [email protected] Mhz cooled by phase and DDR3 @ 1210 7-10-10 on air cooling

2° – 13656 TechSweden.org (Luumi) with Xeon [email protected] Mhz cooled by phase and [email protected] 966 6-7-5 on air cooling

3° – 13174 XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy (Griff) with Xeon L3014 @5014 cooled by phase and [email protected] 7-7-7 on air cooling

Something weird happened in Stage 1, Griff made a score of 13883 with Xeon L3014 @5125 phase cooled and [email protected] 7-7-7 with LN2 cooling, but unfortunately the official competition background was unreadable, so the submit has been deleted. We would consider Griff as sstage winner anyway.

Stage 2 – 3DMark 06

1° – 21371 Hardware Canucks (Dead Things) with Quadro FX [email protected]/1224 (GPU/GDDR) and 2X Intel Core 2 Extreme [email protected] Mhz everything on air cooling

2° – 20257 XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy (Scannick) with Quadro FX [email protected]/1100 on LN2 cooling and Xeon [email protected] Mhz on air cooling

3° – 20196 Warp9-systems (Macsbeach98) with Quadro FX [email protected]/1088 on LN2 cooling  and Xeon [email protected] 4650 Mhz with air cooling

Here Hardware Canucks won without doubts, thanking to the dual socket motherboard and to the two QX9775, such a rare hardware. Scannick’s FX 3700 got broken just before the last benchmark session when he would have cooled the CPU with LN2 and overclocked more GDDR memories.

Stage 3 – 3DMark Vantage Performance

1° – 10514 XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy (Barbonenet) with Quadro FX [email protected] 900/1080 Mhz  on LN2 cooling  and Xeon [email protected] Mhz on air cooling;

2° – 9238 Overclocking Team Austria (Tagg) with Quadro FX [email protected] 756/972 Mhz and Xeon [email protected] Mhz both on air cooling;

3° – 9027 Warp9-systems (Macsbeach98) with Quadro FX [email protected] 720/945 Mhz and Xeon [email protected] Mhz both on air cooling;

Barbonenet easily won this stage thanking to the high VGA frequencies due to LN2 cooling. But we know he would have taken the first place even without LN2 cooling.


Special thanks to all XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy members who helped participants during scores’ preparation.

Second round will move on socket 939 and GF7 based VGAs.

Attila Tortorella
Attila Tortorella
Ciao, sono Attila Tortorella e sono uno studente. Traffico con i PC fin da bambino, cosa che mi ha fatto nascere la passione per l'hardware in genere. Alla passione è difficile resistere, per cui sono entrato prima nel team di overclock ed ora faccio parte dello staff di HwOverdrive.

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